Fall 2017     EPID582     Systematic reviews & meta-analysis

Course directors:

Craig Umscheid and Yong Chen



This 1.0 unit graduate-level course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.  It will cover introductory principles of meta-analysis; protocol development; search strategies; data abstraction methods; quality assessment; meta-analytic methods; and applications of meta-analysis.  The course is composed of a series of weekly small group lectures and discussions. Students will be expected to attend weekly didactics, participate in class discussions, review assigned readings, complete homework assignments, and draft a systematic review protocol of their choosing suitable for IRB submission.


Students will be required to complete readings in the textbook and articles referenced for each session. In addition, each student will complete homework assignments assigned by the instructors including a data analysis project using a meta-analysis dataset provided by the instructors: download Stata meta-analysis modules from the Stata website, review dataset variables, complete an analysis, and write-up their findings. Finally, students will draft a systematic review protocol of their choosing and present their protocol at the conclusion of the class. There are no examinations.

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