Courses Taught at the University of Pennsylvania

Spring 2018   BSTA651    Linear models & generalized linear models

Fall 2017         EPID582    Systematic reviews & meta-analysis

Fall 2016         BSTA622   Advanced statistical inference

Fall 2015         EPID621    Longitudinal data analysis 

Courses Taught at the University of Texas School of Public Health

Fall 2014          PH1916     Generalized linear models

Spring 2014    PH1918      Methods for correlated data

Fall 2013          PH1916     Generalized linear models

Spring 2013    PH1690     Foundations of Biostatistics

Fall 2012          PH1916     Generalized linear models

Spring 2012    PH1918      Methods for correlated data​

Spring 2012    PH1916     Generalized linear models

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