We are a group of quantitative scientists based at Perelman school of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. We are interested in developing and applying novel statistical and machine learning methods to advance biomedical science and clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of promoting human health. We collaborate closely with informaticians, epidemiologists, clinicians and patients at all stages of scientific studies. Our lab includes postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate students and research scientists. Click the photo to find out more about the individual research activities.

Current Members

Karen Chi




Yue Liu

(Summer 2018 Intern Student)

(prospective Ph.D. in Statistics at Harvard University )

Zixuan Liu

(Summer 2018 Intern Student)

(prospective Ph.D. at Stanford Electrical Engineering )

Yang Li

(Summer 2018 Intern Student)

(prospective Ph.D. in Statistics at University of Michigan)

Lei Yang

(Summer 2018 Intern Student)

(prospective Ph.D. in Statistics at University of Florida)

Doudou Zhou

(Summer 2018 Intern Student)

(prospective Ph.D. in Statistics at UC Davis)

Ming Cao

(Alum, Data Scientist at KPMG)

Chuan Hong

(Alum, postdoc at Harvard University)

Xiaoqi Li

(Alum, Senior Research Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company)

Yulun Liu

(Alum, Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Yi Cai

(Alum, Data Scientist at AT&T)

Arielle Anglin

(3rd year Ph.D. student)

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 9.48.04 PM.png

Mackenzie Edmondson

(3rd year Ph.D. student)

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 1.41.57 PM.png

Kenneth Locke

(2nd year Ph.D. student)


Jiayi Tong

(1st year Ph.D. student)

Xudong Huang


Ruowang Li

(Postdoc, jointly with Jason Moore)

Chongliang Luo


Rui Duan

(4th year Ph.D. student)

Yong Chen

(PI, Associate Professor at University of Pennsylvania)


Jing Huang

(PI, Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania)

Ray Bai

(Postdoc, jointly with Mary Boland)

Lifang He


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